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 How do I allow a visitor into my premises

To allow a visitor into your premises, you need to register for the PREMICELL system. This can be done by visiting the HOA offices between 08:00 and 16:00 Monday to Friday with original proof of identity. The cost is R80 for first number and R40 for second number. Your visitor will then stop at the visitors lane of the gate you reside in and request visiting access from the guard. The PREMICELL system will dial your registered number and you will be able to answer the call and speak to the visitor to confirm that you wish to allow him / her access. By pressing 9 on your cell phone, the boom will open and the visitor can proceed to your property. Should you not answer the phone the visitor will not be granted access

 How do I register my Domestic Worker?

All Domestic Workers, live-in or walk-in must be registered at the HOA Management offices and require the owner and the worker, both with original proof of identity to visit the offices between 08:00 and 16:00, Monday to Friday

 Who can Register as a Vetted Worker?

Any person who are Registered with Heuwelsig HOA as a Domestic / Gardener or Maintenance Worker.

 How to Register as a Vetted Worker

You can either phone or visit the Heuwelsig HOA offices between 08:00 and 16:00, Monday to Friday with the following information:
- Tag Number
- Dates Available
- Type of Work
- Gate Number

 How to De-Register from the Heuwelsig HOA correspondence?

If you are no longer a Resident of the Heuwelsig Estate, you can de-register from all correspondence by completing the Unsubscribe Wizard.

 How do I register as an Owner / Tenant?

If you are an Owner or a Tentant and wish to register on the Heuwelsig HOA website you can complete the online Portal Registration wizard.

 Why should I register as an Owner / Tenant?

When you register as an Owner / Tenant you will have access to the Heuwelsig HOA online portal. Once you have logged in you can Vote, take part in Forums and download secure documentation.

 How do I login and update my details?

Once you have received your login details you can follow our step by step tour Login and Update details or you can click on the green Owner and Tenant Portal button.

 How do I Vote?

Please follow our step by step online Voting tour.

 How do I download a Secure document?

Secure documents can only be downloaded in the Owner / Tenant Portal. To do so follow our step by step Download a Secure Document tour.

 How do I take part in the Forums?

To take part in the Forums you need to be logged into the Owner / Tenant Portal. Follow our step by step Post a Comment tour.

 How do I report an Issue / Incident?

To log an Issue / Incident with the Heuwelsig HOA, you can either follow our step by step Report an Issue tour or complete the online Report an Issue wizard.

 What is the monthly levy?

The current monthly levy is R850 (incl VAT) which is due on the 1st of the month in advance.

 How am I billed for HOA levies?

It is every resident’s responsibility to ensure current contact details with the HOA. Every month the HOA finance department sends out statements to each owner or Body Corporate. Payments for amounts due must be made before the 7th of every month IN ADVANCE or interest becomes payable.

 What is a Non Development Levy?

A non-development levy is an additional levy imposed on every owner who has not devel- oped his / her property.

 What happens if I do not pay my HOA levies?

Firstly, remember that each HOA levy paid on time makes it possible for the HOA to meet its obligations and maintain ,as well as improve, OUR Estate. If members do not pay by the 7th, interest is added and a reminder is sent out. If no payment is received by the following month, the account is handed over to debt collectors who will recover the debt on behalf of the HOA. All associated costs are for the account of the non-paying member.

 What is the monthly levy used for?

The monthly levy is budgeted for annually and covers the general costs of the running of the Estate. Monthly costs include the staff, security, repairs and maintenance, administration of the accounts, Common Property rates and taxes etc.

 Who runs the Estate?

The General Manager is based on site. He is responsible for the daily management and operations of the Estate. He reports to an elected Board of Directors who make the decisions for the overall management of the Estate based on mandates provided by all the owners at Annual General Meetings.

 How many Directors are there and who are they?

The Constitution allows for a minimum of 7 Directors and a maximum of 12. The Directors are nominated to the position, generally at the AGM. A Chairman and Vice Chairman are selected to lead the Board and guide the decisions that are made. Each Director has a portfolio which include: Security, Finance, Communications, Maintenance, Asset Value Enhancement.

 Can the Design Guidelines be altered?

Even though it is possible to change the Design Guidelines, it is a lengthy process, as the Design Guidelines can only be altered with the special consent of the Municipality.

Due to the fact that any such change could have a serious impact on all Property Owners (POs) and their investment, the HOA requires that an evidence of POs majority support is presented, before any Design Guidelines change could be considered for submission to the Municipality.

 Is the HOA regulated by the new CPA (Consumer Protection Act)?

The HOA (Home Owners Association) is not regulated by the CPA because it does not provide “services” as defined by the CPA. It was established as result of conditions imposed by the Tshwane Metropolitan Council when our township (Celtisdal Ext 20) was established. with the single purpose of advancing the interests of its MEMBERS (Owners).

 Is the Managing Agent of a Complex regulated by the CPA?

YES, because it is a commercial entity with the aim of producing income by supplying ser- vices to consumers.

 Is the agent I have contracted with to rent out or sell my property regulated by the CPA?

YES, because it is a commercial entity with the aim of producing income by supplying ser- vices to consumers.

 Why does the HOA force residents to use only ac- credited rental agents?

The HOA’s first responsibility is to provide security and safety to ITS MEMBERS (Owners) If any owner could rent his / her unit / house to any tenant, how do other residents know that this process does not allow criminals onto the Estate, which could jeapordise their safety? For the same reason, the HOA wants to know and approve of all tenants, including those being contracted with directly by owners.

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