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Aesthetics Notice January 2020

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Compliments and a warm welcome to 2020 from the HOA Leadership with hopes that it will be another prosperous year.

Please note that we will be starting with grass cutting on the Parks, Open spaces and vacant stands. Service providers will start cutting on the 8th of January 2020 and finish on the 15th of January 2020.

The Aesthetics, Landscaping across the estate is an important factor and as the HOA we are tasked with ensuring adherence to such as it adds value to the properties and enhances the outlook of our estate.

With the above in mind, please note that we will be enforcing strict adherence to the Estate Aesthetic Rules as we recognize that post the recent rains there would be a lot of weeding, bedding and grass cutting to be done.

Residents are therefore urged to maintain the interior & exterior of their property to a satisfactory standard and those whose landscape has deteriorated beyond standards or was never done to play their part in this aspect.


  1. All households, body corporates will be given 10 working days to rectify the current state of aesthetics, landscaping
  2. Thereafter, an inspection of the whole estate will be conducted to ascertain compliance
  3. Households and Body corporates that do not comply will be issued with a contravention ranging between R500.00 up to a maximum fee of R2000 valid for 7 days. Thereafter the amount will be billed to the levy account should the owner fail to remedy the contravention please pay attention to weeds in driveways, garden maintenance and paint work (walls, roofs and woodwork) to comply, thereby avoiding receipt of such contraventions.
  5. Boats and Trailers – Commercial vehicles, boats, trailers, or caravans may not be parked in such a manner that it is visible on the Estate.
  6. Refuse – garden refuse may not be placed on the pavements or dumped on vacant stands or parks
Failure to comply with any of the rules above will attract a penalty in accordance with the MOI, depending on the sensitivity, severity and duration of the non-compliance.


First contravention ranges between:

R500 to maximum R2 000

If addressed within 7 days then penalty is suspended

Repeat offence or another offence at the same Unit:

First penalty billed to the levy account

Combined offences:

Maximum R2000 fine, billed to the levy if not addressed within the 7-day period

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